About Us


Decorpersonalized is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on women’s bags with the best price.

We found inspiration in bucket bags and doctor bags, and established our own original design brand, expressing elegant retro style with simple design, and choosing a good material model. The bag is both practical and beautiful, making it the best choice for commuting and shopping.


Our team are committed to your satisfaction and view each time you contact us as a chance to build a relationship. We are dedicated to giving our customers an exceptional experience, wherever they might be.If your expectations are not exceeded and if you don’t look forward to coming back, then we haven’t done our job!

Company Name: Decorpersonalized Co.,Ltd

Contact Department: Customers Service Dept.

Address: 845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United states

Tel: (415) 856-5300

E-mail: services@decorpersonalized.com